about the artist

lucas aguiar, alternatively known as goopbug or bug, is a queer, non-binary artist. they were born and raised in the florida keys and currently resides in pittsburgh pa, USA.

lucas has done work with many notable local organizations, including: curated flame, WPAFC, geekadrome, and the mattress factory.

his work ranges greatly, he dabbles in: painting, drawing, collage, graphic design, fabric painting, and recently started making novice jewelry. he has a particular interest in the daily phenomena of synthetic versus natural, especially as a transitioning trans-masculine person, and how the dichotomy of synthetic versus natural exists in our day to day lives.

they take great inspiration from japanese media in the early 2000's, rubberface dolls, insects and early web aesthetic.

in his free time, lucas enjoys swimming (when it's not freezing cold), bone hunting, wasting money on cute blind box toys, and attending local shows.